Sunday, November 14, 2010

Hullo Potential Contestants!

Are you ready for some Poolin'?!
What ever could I possibly be speaking of?
Well, at least two of you, according to intoxicated photo evidence, have already given me money to play.
(Which is good cause that 40 woulda went right to 40s!)
Two of you are notorious for not watching the first ep before making your picks and, for that matter, not watching the season at all!
One of you hates everything and has just been included here because I just wanna (like My Mama says) "burn your buttons!"
(Answers below.)
And one of you is actually My Mama! Hi Mama!

What television program might all of you be interested in?
What could possibly warrant the first of several harassment emails to spark the flame in your cooking/reality TV show/Kenny Rogers (from The Gambler, not Kenny Powers from EastBound And Down though I can work that in) heart?
That's right, I'm talking about TOP CHEF ALL STARS!
It's premieres on Wednesday December 1st. YAY!
That means you can watch that program and as long as you get me your 2 picks and 20 by December 8th, you're in!
It's just that simple.

But wait, there's more!
Two of your faves from last season are going to be contestants- watch one of them get the Fan Favorite Award here:
(ARGH, the hyperlink action doesn't seem to be working for me, I'll try fixing it again laters.)

And Here's Your TOP CHEF ALL STARS line up:
Elia Aboumrad
Stephen Asprino (Giant Tie Knot)
Richard Blais
Jennifer Carrol (someone got their hair did!)
Tiffany Derry
Tiffani Faison
Carla Hall (Carla Cosby in the House!)
Mike Isabella
Jamie Lauren (apparently she does All Star Shows)
Dale Levitski
Antonia Lofaso
Spike Mendelsohn (he wears hats! All. The. Time.)
Angelo Sosa (Dusthead!)
Dale Taide
Casey Thompson
Marcel Vigneron
Fabio Viviani (my Love!)
Tre Wilcox

Tiffany v. Tiffani??!!
Mad A** Dale v. Arrogant A** Marcel???!!!
Wow I wish I could watch RIGHT NOW! It's gonna be hella good, yo.

Need more enticing? How about the TV show promo that has all of them actually having a food fight?! Brilliant idea, right? Well, I couldn't find it so these photos will have to suffice:

Oh and here's a handy dandy chart:

AND to ensure maximum hilarity, one-liners and hotness:
When Bravo debuts Top Chef All-Stars on December 1 at 10p, the show's eighth season will add a new celebrity judge as author/chef Anthony Bourdain joins host Padma Lakshmi and head judge Tom Colicchio and judge Gail Simmons. Top Chef All-Stars is produced by Magical Elves.

If you want in, start researching. If you want out (and would like to decline receiving more enticing emails as we get closer to the 1st) hit me back lemme know! If you know anyone else who would like to play this season forward them this email and hit me back with their address. Let's do this up royale!

First two - Colucci and LB
Second two - Ruby and Q
Third 'one' - Douglas